Anne Gebelein

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2004

She is an interesting teacher to those students not having prior knowledge of Latin American culture and history. But to me she at first seemed interesting but towards the end she bored with her numerous classes dedicated to poetry and art which led the class to Bulls**t the last part of the semester. Her exams confused students as they are deceptively easy yet are graded from a 95 scale and not a hundred thus a student is automatically penalized 5 points. She says she does it to compensate for students obtaining an A+, but this only discourages students once their grades are lowered due to this grading system. The presentations by students were an unnecessary component of the class or need to be retuned as most students simply repeated common knowledge about works without any real analysis. These presentations dragged on for too long, sometimes more than an hour, thus causing many students to loose interest in the class and sleep. Her lack of organization of materials leads students to not know which assignments are due on which dates. Her feminist left wing liberal stance on numerous issues makes you feel as if you were at times taking feminist 101 or left wing politics. Avoid this class if you are easily bored. The readings are interesting but the ways which she presents them may bore some.

Jan 2004

prof. gebelein is really brilliant. everything she has to say is really interesting. the student presentations that seemed to go on and on were probably the most annoying part of this class. that and that the dept has it set up so that we spend way too long on the colonial period in comparison to the 1800s. prof. gebelein makes latin american hum a really excellent class. she's new to columbia this year and also teaches at yale so she probably doesn't have many reviews yet. but trust me, great teacher, totally fair grader, she makes the material engaging, and she really knows her s**t.

Dec 2003

After so many dubious experiences with Core classes and poor teaching, Dr. Gebelein was a saving grace, and my favorite teacher at Columbia thus far. It surprised me to find that this was her first time teaching here because her approach is so casual and un-self-conscious. She has an amazing mastery of the material and would frequently supplement the topic at hand with antecdotes and alternative ways of considering the material. Her humor and charm did wonders for a course that could undoubtedly be taught in a less enthusiastic manner. Her passion for topics of Latin American identity and all its many facets were really inspiring and engaging, to the point where I looked forward to every class and did the readings with much enthusiasm. If you're taking Lat Hum and you get Dr. Gebelein, consider yourself lucky. She is really something else, and sets a wonderful example of what teaching should be here at Columbia.