Alyssa Masor

Dec 2004

This is a great class if you are looking for a new language to learn and you want an easy workload. She speaks Yiddish pretty much fluently throughout class- but is willing to explain things as often as you want and in English. She really has a passion for the language and she wants you to feel the same way as well. Class is long, but then again its a language class. Make sure to participate! If you can try and take this class with people you know- that really makes the class more enjoyable. She also likes to do alot of creative games to learn the language. For example, we played go fish in yiddish. She is also very helpful- take advantage of her time!

Dec 2003

Khane is awesome. She only speaks in Yiddish in class and has her students do the same, unlike the other Yiddish instructors. The class is long, but she always tries to incorporate fun activities into the lessons (to learn family roles, she brought in the Simpsons family tree). She is extremely approachable, and her number one gaol is that her students learn and love the language.