John Cavanaugh

Apr 2004

What can I say? If you're looking at a Culpa rating for a phys-ed instructor, you probably have a lot of time on your hands. That said, let me say that Coach Cav is probably the best instructor you can have. He's consistent because he always wears the same shorts with a dumbell on them and the same long-sleeved t-shirt which reads "ROAR." He's complex. If you manage to get into an intellectual conversation with Coach, he'll impress you with his vast knowledge of Vietnam and the mating patterns of various birds. He's committed. Coach always makes it out to gym class, rain or shine. It's a tough job, but hell, someone's got to do it. And so you see, phys-ed is not only about failing and passing. It's about having instructors like Coach who improve the quality of life for every student at Columbia.

Jan 2004

There's no question about it... Coach's class is challenging. He's always testing your ability to leg press and curl iron. But above all, he's testing heart. If you got heart, you'll be good in Coach's class. Bring a pair of gym shorts and be ready to work.