Mamoru Hatakeyama

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2004

after switching from nittono sensee, hatakeyama sensee was so laid back. i felt the weight of the class fly off my shoulders...however, i will remind you that i had nittono sensee. Hatakeyama sensee is a laid back guy, who cracks jokes and pushes for interaction in class, but on some days, you run through your lessons and just read. the daily quizzes are maybe 6 questions on vocab or multiple kanji reading/writting. You tend to ace those, but when he throws translations at you, almost everyone says "huh?" the tests...well you know the japanese department, they give the same test, whether your class is ahead of schedule or not. hatakeyama's class is probably leaning on the "not" side. we finished lessons a day before the test, not getting all of our HW to review. If you pass/fail hatakeyama, you are pretty much gonna get a p and have some fun, if you want to do well(ie a-) then you need to do the recomended study time (2 hours) plus an hour extra looking at other sensee's quizes.

Jan 2004

Hatakeyama-sensei is a cool dude with a sense of humor. He makes the class interesting by telling stories and jokes. A bit of a stickler for some things and chotto not very assuring when you're having difficulty but makes himself available. Overall a nice guy and good teacher. If you can't speak japanese "gooder" after taking this class then you're not trying.

Aug 2002

I ran into Hatakeyama-sensei at the end of my first semester of Japanese when he did the listening comprehension for the make-up final. He sped through everything like nobody's business and I couldn't understand half of what he said. Imagine my dismay when I walked into the classroom a month later to find him teaching my section (he and another professor had switched). However, Hatakeyama-sensei does grow on you, and I ended up thinking he was a pretty fantastic teacher. Sure you find yourself raising your eyebrows and mumbling "What?" at least once per class, but his speed and fluency can only improve yours. Besides, he's nice and extremely funny and animated when he wants to be. I'd definitely recommend taking one of his classes.