Heather Foust-Cummings

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2004

You will not find a nicer or warmer professor anywhere at Columbia.

Jan 2003

I definitely agree that she is "warm and engaging". She knows her stuff and wants students to do well. I took the class during a midterm election so we spent a lot of class time discussing the current elections and personal observations/relating it to the course materials. You must do a decent amount of reading to do well on the midterm and final because she throws in fill in the blanks and IDs not discussed in class to make sure only students who read can get As. But the tests are fair. The material is interesting and she does a good job presenting the material- she writes notes on the board while lecturing to try to fit everyone's learning styles which is nice. The TA does the grading but she will go over the tests again and add points if she thinks it was too harsh. A good class- definitely take it if you are at all interested in domestic politics and especially if it is during an election period.

Dec 2002

A warm and engaging professor. Extensive knowledge of the American political landscape, particularly interest groups and state politics. Manages to impart her substantial knowledge while still engaging the students in meaningful discussion. Encourages the students to bring in personal anecdotes and experiences to the course material, making for a class well-integrated with current political events. Take one of her courses if you get the chance. Highly recommended.

Jul 2002

Nov 2001

Her classes are amazing. She knows a ton, and rarely lectures. She gives awesome reading material that's really broad and diverse so you can get a sense of a movement. She asks a different group of students to present in an interesting way on a different topic each week. one week there was a debate, another week we all got nametags ie "white male clerk," or "female black professional," etc, and acted out being parents in a PTA meeting discussing a proposed new rule. it's a fun class where you can meet a lot of cool activist people and learn a ton of stuff.