Jill Didonato

Feb 2005

Fantastic! She cares about her students and it shows. I dreaded taking the class but she was a great teacher. The rough drafts were a big help.

Jan 2005

Jill is both good and bad. She is fairly easygoing, and likes to be in class and involve the students. This makes class a generally likeable experience. Her choices in readings were okay, and only one or two of them were really dreadful. That said, I don't think she should be teaching. She responded to me at times like I was the devil incarnate when I took alternative positions to her statements. It got so bad, I stopped disagreeing with her. She grades tough, and the only way I got anything higher than a B+ on any of my papers was by dumbing them down. She actually commented on one in such a way that showed she had taken a motif as a thesis. I subsequently showed the paper to several people, and no one could believe it had gotten anything lesss than an A. (not just fellow students, but teachers as well). If you are unfortunate enough to get her, write clear and deductive essays with tight, simple conclusions. If you write any other way, she may tell you to "master the basic college essay" before getting creative. And no matter what, don't disagree with her. She did not like me personally, and I got the first B I ever received in a writing class from her. (I should mention I am a transfer student, and have taken plenty of writing courses before UW)

Jan 2004

Just how I like my teachers-- supportive with her students while maintaining a cynical NY attitude that all Columbia instructors should be required to possess. She really wants you to experiment with your writing and try new things, which is exactly what University Writing (or L&R, whatever) is all about. Funny, engaging, and a snappy dresser; if you get her as an instructor, consider yourself extremely lucky, especially if you have any intention of going into writing as a career.