Elias Mattas

Dec 2006

Terrible. Seems to have put no effort into teaching class and has cancelled 50% of all classes. Makes TA grade the tests, HW and course evaluations. Worst professor at Columboa.

Feb 2004

He doesn't put a lot of work into this class. All he does is take powerpoint slides provided by a textbook and present them to the class verbatim. He gives us handouts of these slides, so it makes this 2.5 hours class so boring. He is the WORST grader I've ever known. He grades exams on a relative basis. This means that if your answer doesn't match what the rest of the class wrote, then he's going to take most of the points off (even if you're right but just write it in a different way). For example, although I knew how to answer most of the problem, because I didn't write the two words he was looking for, he took 8 POINTS (out of 10) for not writing those words. His grading makes no sense at all, and that is what pisses me off the most. There are so many bad things I can say about him as a professor, but those are the two main problems. Don't be shocked when you take this class, and you end up with a worse grade than you expect. He is simply THAT arbitrary when it comes to this class.

Jan 2004

A once-a-week course on practical aspects of designing chemical processes for plants. Prof. Mattas is an engineer for Bristol-Myers Squibb, so was often able to tie in real-life examples. PowerPoint slides of most lectures. The material was fairly light, and Prof. Mattas' presentation was generally interesting, so it wasn't hard to focus on the material, even though it's an evening course.