Janak Parekh

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2005

Janak is by far the best professor I've had at Columbia. Not only did he take the time to learn practically everyone's name, he also was an excellent lecturer. His class is very understandable and helpful in both the basics of computers and in begining to think about how computers operate. As an added bonus, he brought in doughnuts on the day of the final to makeup for the 9:00am exam time.

May 2005

Janak is one of the most student-friendly professors at Columbia, and a very good teacher. The class is essentially half introductory theory, and half intro to java programming. Janak designs it to be the kind of class that ANYONE can succeed in easily as long as they try. Just go to class, take decent notes, and you will have everything you need to do the homeworks and tests without breaking a sweat.

May 2005

Like everyone else has said, Janak is really great. He doesn't try to screw you over on the midterms and finals - all the work is very much doable with little difficulty (if not, it's not hard to get help). He also gave out extra credit assignments in class. He genuinely wants people to do well. If you're going to take this class, Janak is definitely a good choice.

Apr 2005

Janek is the best computer science teacher you could have. I mean this literally - he TEACHES very well. He is able to explain concepts very fundamentally and easily. He breaks down complex ideas ver well and provides very easy to follow examples and analogies. He grades slightly on the stricter side, but is pretty soft in office hours. ---Very Highly Recommend---

Dec 2004

Janak is a real nice guy. He himself has been a Columbia student for the past 10 years. He is considerate of his students and goes out of his way to be accesible to them. He is firm in his grading procedure but very fair. Workload is a lot, but that is just the nature of the class. You're fortunate if you're in Janak's class.

May 2004

Janak is a great guy! He attended Columbia so he can relate to our classes. He really cares about the students and tries to be as exciting and fair as possible. You will learn a lot in his class and also receive a good grade if you put forth an effort!

Jan 2004

He's the most awesome teacher I've met at Columbia so far. He makes computer science really fun to learn, and I hate comp sci with my gut and soul. but his class was a lot of fun and very rewarding. he knows his stuff well and teaches it in a way that's accessible to the programming-illiterate. he holds extra office hours if you request it just to help you go over homework problems. one of two of them can be tough but he's always willing to help you out. he's also one of the few teachers that tries to get to know the students on a personal level. after the final, he came after me just to ask me how i did on the final. i haven't met any professor in seas who's nice enough to come running after you just to ask you how you did... a great, articulate, intelligent, warm instructor.