Alison Wylie

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2005

TAKE THIS CLASS!! I can't emphasize this enough. I loved this class. The choice of readings is especiall excellent. While there is focus on standard gender issues, the texts go much further and examin other relevent issues such as race and class. This class is team taught and the organization is a little so- so. But that would be only grip with the class and it's minor. So I remind you: TAKE THIS CLASS!!

Jan 2005

Great class! Teacher is wonderful! Engages all her students in stimulating conversations and really listens to what you say in discussion. The class was also really great. Expect to do a lot of reading. You don't really have to pay attention in class/go to class, as long as you do the readings and go to your discussion session.

Jan 2004

Professor Wylie is easily one of the most approachable professors I've had in my four years at Columbia. She certainly knows her subjects backwards and forwards. Being a classically trained analytic philosopher, her approach toward Women's Studies tends to be more toward inquiry and epistemology within that discipline. One thing about Professor Wylie, however, is that she likes to talk. She can completely dominate discussion within a class and that tends to cut down on the time for participation. Additionally, that propensity toward lecturing also comes at the cost of potentially interesting discussion, because if you're into Feminist Theory and/or Philosophy of Science, etc, they're subjects that greatly benefit from discussion. All in all, however, Professor Wylie is a great professor to take; she's an expert in her field, and there is very little chance that you'll ever get to take a class with a feminist philosopher of science again, so your time in class with Professor Wylie is well spent.