Gregory Whalen

Sep 2004

he is awesome, he is very helpful in answering students' questions, he is there to answer ur questions and he actually cares about our progress, instead of just wanting to make us have a hard time struggling, his homework is helpful, i got an A in that class because i tried hard to do my homework well, but i dunno if it is easy, i put in a tremendous amount of work to get a perfect score

Jan 2004

This instructor is your typical cs nerd. He speaks with a dry wit, and he trails off the end of sentences, but you quickly learn that anything he says under his breath is not important. Personal quirks aside, he taught competently; I don't have any complaints. He explained information clearly and covered everything he said he would. He gave good answers to the many, many questions I asked in class, clarifying a lot of confusing aspects of the language and never making me feel stupid for asking a "dumb" question.