Josh Greenfield

Jul 2004

Josh is a terrible TA. On many occasions he would just refuse to provide help with problem sets, dismissively stating things like "this problem is too easy for me to help you with." On other occasions, like review sessions for exams, he just didn't know how to answer problems--problems on the practice exam that he was supposed to know. Which would be fine on any occasion, except the night before the final exam, at the _only_ TA review session prior to the exam. Several other times, he was just plain misleading. For example, before our midterm, at the review, he specifically avoided questions having to do with the velocity of money and said "don't worry, I've seen the midterm and that isn't covered, we don't need to focus on that concept." Ironically, or tragically for those who believed him, there were _several_ questions pertaining to that particular concept on the midterm. So, he's either a vindictive little liar or he's just incompetent. Either way, he makes for a lousy TA. Josh is the sort of TA one would expect to encounter at a community college or in a continuing education program, but not at an Ivy League University. Shame on you Econ department!

Feb 2004

I don't know what this person is talking about. Josh was a very helpful TA. I went to his recitations and I usually went to his office hours and I thought his explanations were quite good.

Jan 2004

Alert! Alert! Beware of this TA! Every third week we had him TA (the three TA's were alternating) he would hold the recitation and grade the problem sets. During his recitation session he would seemingly provide a useful way to approach and solve a particular problem but then proceeded to say the same method that he outlined himself in recitation was incorrect when he later graded the problem sets. Aside from being a LIAR, this guy also made every effort to make the class miserable. Tabakis refused to get off his ass and discipline this asshole despite the many protests from the many students Josh screwed over. All in all, Josh is a shining reflection of the crummy econ department.