Carmela Franklin

Dec 2017

My favorite professor this semester. Professor Franklin has a great sense of humor. She tells the best anecdotes about growing up in Italy and her long career in academia. Best of all, she bears a striking resemblance to Edna Mode from the Incredibles, with her fabulous outfits, glasses, and hair. Her presence is equally as demanding of respect as Edna's. The class is not so much about grammar as it is about translating real Latin texts. Still, if you have a grammar question, she is very receptive and will take the time to review it. Although she is a master of the language and the history, Professor Franklin is also very considerate of students' ideas, and she frequently asks for input from her (equally knowledgable) TA. Of course, there is an expectation that you will do the work by preparing translations for the class. When she noticed that some of us were more prepared than others, she began randomly calling on people, which I think worked to the benefit of those who weren't as prepared. Definitely recommend! Loved her.

Aug 2014

I took the Medieval Latin survey (V3033) and a more advanced course on Biblical Exegesis (W4152--topic changes every year). Without a doubt, Professor Franklin is one of the best professors I had at Columbia and particularly within the Classics Department. Particularly in the survey--and unlike many professors in the Department who end up emphasizing one over the other--Professor Franklin maintains a proper balance between time spent on reading Latin and practicing language skills and delving interpretatively into the text or its historical context. Professor Franklin is always friendly and intersperses her classes with hilarious and incredibly interesting anecdotes about her illustrious career as a scholar of Medieval Latin. She has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of centuries of Latin literature and theology, and particularly of the Church Fathers. She is, moreover, always willing to talk during her office hours--always helpful, friendly, and incredibly interesting. Also, her outfits are amazing. In short, take her classes!