Kathryn Claire Campbell

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Oct 2005

Initially I wasn't psyched when I learned that this class was a requirement for Columbia with no exceptions - the first curveball of my CU "experience." Also, University Writing was the very first class I attended at Columbia, so I was extra apprehensive and skeptical. That being said, I'm fortunate to have randomly selected her as my professor. Her friendly, conversational style is great and I ended up looking forward to every class. She's very accessible outside the classroom as well. At first I found the material rather difficult (pretty much a reading for each class), but her structure got me to put lots of time into the assignments — I ended up finding it very cool to see my essays come to fruition. Paper writing was never a strong point for me, so this class was very helpful in improving my comparative analysis skills. Hopefully, these skills will help me in future courses (in any department). Oh, and her grading is very fair - just put effort into the assignments and your grade will reflect that. I really recommend her as a professor!

Feb 2005

I really enjoyed this class. Claire can make the boring University Writing class very interesting. She's very helpful outside the class-take advantage of her office hours!

Mar 2004

Some UW instructors seem to think that a B- is an excellent paper. And others give A's to people who show up. Claire is perfectly in between. She won't go out of her way to screw you over, but if you get an A on a paper, then you really deserved it. Take advantage of her office hours. I cannot stress this enough.