Nicole Cohen

Mar 2009

She is very demanding and didn't give a damn understanding when i told her i suffer anxiety and other ailments. As an international student this class approach almost to the impossible. The final exam is HARD, u have to write like the who historical development mao from his meager beginnings to hiim rising to the top of the party and explore this thing called the great cultural revolution All in one of the essay question on the final

Jan 2009

Professor Cohen is a really sweet teacher. The class however, has a LOT packed into it. Therefore, you may begin to find the class taking over bits and pieces of your life. The heavy reading is because the class chooses to focus on not only 1 East Asian country, but 3: China, Japan, Korea. Unfortunately, not as much information is provided on Korea, but this is due to time constraints. Nevertheless, a heavy amount of history is covered for all three countries. You begin with the creation myths all the way up to the 1970s. You have weekly posts which are graded, a map quiz, a midterm, a paper, and a final. It is no doubt a heavy load. But in the end, you'll probably feel that you really got something out of it. So as long as you're on top of things throughout the term, you should be fine. You'll come out of the class with a better understanding of East Asia, for sure.

Jan 2009

Overall, it's a great class. But there is so much knowledge packed into so little time. She covers so much history, and plus, it's regarding 3 countries in East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea. Note: Korea isn't focused on nearly as much as China and Japan. Professor Cohen is a very sweet teacher, but the work can be heavy. Nevertheless, at the very end of the semester you will feel like you know a lot, although you start to realize that you may forgotten the earlier info by the end of the term. The TA can also be very helpful for this class.

Jan 2009

Professor Nicole Cohen is both a horrible lecturer and unreasonable in her demands. Totally unengaging and poorly prepared, Professor Cohen conducts a large lecture course as a discussion section, expecting everyone to participate and fill in the gaps of her lecture. The course itself is ENTIRELY TOO AMBITIOUS, covering the histories of China, Japan, and Korea (all three!) from antiquity to the Korean War. Do not expect a B.S.-able, broad midterm and final, however. For both exams you will be expected to memorize 70-80 terms, covering the span of hundreds of years, for three different countries. Members of the class joked that we were expected to memorize the entire history of an entire world region, but it was not so funny when the grades came back. Professor Cohen was highly condescending, particularly in her Discussion Post comments. Overall, the readings were not only huge but boring and the lecture did not complement them. The discussion section, since it accompanied a lecture that was conducted as a discussion section, was totally useless, boring, and a pain. Jenny, the TA, was nice and helpful enough...but we had nothing to do. I implore you never to take this course, ever.

Dec 2008

When I say, "Spawn of the Devil," I wish I was exaggerating. This Professor managed to make us memorize the entirety of East Asian history from pre-civilization to the Korean War, for three countries, with no details left out. She didn't even give us the entire time for the final exam to write the entirety of East Asian history in blue books. Furthermore, she treats her lecture class as a discussion because she needs assistance filling the gaps in her presentation. She literally reads a speech to you everyday in class that she cannot even deliver. Every week, a discussion post is required. If you do not write the sequel to War and Peace on the post, you will be marked off. She grades on quantity, not quality and blatantly favors students with previous knowledge of the subject matter. Sorry I didn't grow up in Japan! In conclusion, this course is designed to cover the entire histories of three, distinct countries; you don't get anything out of this course except maybe a newfound friend in Jenny Wang Medina, the TA. She courageously counteracts the catastrophe that is Cohen. She receives the MIP(Most Invaluable Player), of the century.

Apr 2004

While this class should be a relatively painless way to fulfill the Major Cultures requirement, Nicole has managed to make every Tuesday morning one full of dread and disgust as I await her discussion section. In my opinion Nicole is inarticulate, lacks composure, and is frequently unable to provide useful information on topics covered in the course. She is condescending and passive aggressive, and fails to fulfill one of her primary duties as a TA: in my experience she is never answers e-mails quickly, and she often doesn't answerr them at all.