Jennifer Emerson

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2009

Prof. Emerson is a great teacher. Her Modern II class is fantastic! Be ready to take a very upbeat, intense, Graham-based technique class, full of inspiration, images, funny anecdotes, and a lot of dancing!!! Yes, this is a class where you will spend a lot of time dancing the steps studied during the course. How refreshing. There are two composition classes where you will have to came up with your own choreography and dance it with 2-4 other students... These two classes are without any doubt challenging, rewarding, and fun. Even if you are beyond Level II, you may still find this class incredibly satisfying.

May 2006

i agree entirely with the other reviews. jenny is fun and exuberant and really passionate about dance, but not in a stuck-up way - she actually wants to help you find freedom and joy in your daily life. my way of moving throughout the day changed significantly, and for the better, after this class. and gilles, the musician, is indeed fabulous. i'm definitely continuing with dance after this, even though it's so freakin early.

May 2006

A "sensual oracle," Jenny Emerson is an amazing dancer and teacher. She articulates with images the precise movement she desires and demonstrates these movements with amazing clarity. She is enthusiastic beyond belief and a joy simply to have as a teacher. Be prepared to learn much of Graham technique and to enjoy your Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Also amazing live music from Gilles Obermayer!!!

Apr 2006

Really amazing class. Yes it's at 9:10AM but you will still wake up for it. Instruction is good, easy to follow even for the most uncoordinated. The Intructor is good at being able to help you see how to move and be more flexible than you thought possible. She's a little too happy for so early in the morning but her insane metaphors for happiness and growth just make you feel a bit upset you aren't so awake and happy all the time. There is live music that is amazing and it forces you to wake up. Definitely recommend the class and Emerson!

Apr 2004

Jenny is a wonderful instructor to teach intro to Modern dance. This is a 9:10 class and I still missed only one session, regardless of the hour I stayed up until the night before or the amount of work I had for the next day (unprecedented for me). Jenny teaches the Graham technique and will use a lot of silly metaphors to get you to understand what she wants from you, but in the end you will walk away from the class much more aware of what your body can do, where the movement can be initiated. Do yourself and others a favor if you happen to think that over-enthusiasm is corny and don't sign up for this class.