Bryan Scoular

Sep 2004

Big Bird and Forest Gump had a lovechild. His name is Bryan Scoular. Even though you appreciate his friendly face on the first day of class, you'll soon recognize that this man is not cut out for teaching. He cannot lead a discussion to save his life. He lets people say the most idiodic things, but even worse, he lets the entire classroom sit silently. He does not challenge or engage you, and one kid fell asleep in class every day and was never confronted. His assignments were fairly easy, but he had such a difficult time articulating what he wanted, a lot of students got points deducted just for misunderstanding the assignment. He is available for office hours, but of very little help. I went to him about a problem I was having with a paper, and his response was a nod and a smile. If you don't want to read or learn anything, take this class. And if you do poorly on the papers, just contribute a lot in class and you'll get an A.

Apr 2004

What a nice guy! What a bad teacher. I completely agree with the previous review. Bryan has the biggest heart of any professor I have had at Columbia. He wants everyone to do well in his class and wants everyone to participate. He even had our classroom changed so we could all sit in a circle to converse. But he cannot lead a discussion to save his life. His spanish is not amazing and sometimes difficult to listen to. He tries not to lecture, which could have been a good quality to write about him, but since most of the class never read, the discussions were unbelievably painful to sit through...I could constantly hear crickets chirping the background. He means well, but he really should've taught this course in English. And he should've actually graded our one paper and handed it back with comments other than just grammatical corrections. If you are looking for a brilliant teacher, not the professor for you. If you are looking for an unbelievably nice guy to get to know, then Bryan is the professor for you.

Apr 2004

So it seems he's the professor most requested for a review. Lucky for you, I've taken his class. He's a great man with a big heart. He loves his students and his work and anything related to Spain. The man is very approachable, both in class and during office hours. Because this class is for spanish majors, its taught all in spanish, which despite of his lack of effort, is certainly his biggest weakness as a professor. He has a grasp on the language but speaks like your 8th grade Spanish 1 teacher from middle america. Don't let that discourage you though, for although his wordbank and fluidity of the language may seem quite intermediate at best, he is afterall a Spanish language scholar who knows how to grade an essay. Easy class, fun at times, most people complained about it being too easy