Russell Romeo

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2018

This was my favorite class of my entire college career!!! He’s such a sweetheart and honestly the best lecturer I’ve ever come across. Unlike previous semesters there’s no need to read the book at all. Just make sure you come to class, take really good notes, and an A is super manageable. I literally just went to class and took meticulous notes and ended up with an A+. His lectures are also really interesting so you won’t get bored.

Apr 2017

Soooo interesting, taught very well, and relevant to life. He covered almost everything that was on the test in class, although he purposefully put a number of book questions on the tests (especially on the second). It was a lot of memorization and I wouldn't say an easy A, but the material itself seemed far more straightforward than the convoluted stuff you see in many of the other Chem- and Bio-heavy classes. It definitely felt more like an intro to chem and bio through the crazy interesting lens of the brain, so to me that felt like the perfect taste of science without having to do the boring intro classes. For a non-science major, this was challenging but by no means impossible :)

Jan 2011

Probably one of the easiest classes I have ever taken. I did minimal studying and I got only 2 questions maximum wrong on one test... The others I only got 1 question wrong. He presents his slides very clearly, so it is easy to understand what he is talking about. He is also very open to people asking questions during lecture. Honestly though, I think that this course does not really go that deep into the science. That made it really easy to learn. For example, I was taking Hormones and Behavior with Kara Pham at the same time, and we had to know SOO many more details. The lab for this class is harder, but it's not bad either. Overall very easy to do well in this class.

Sep 2009

while i didn't enjoy this class (not a psych major; took it for the requirement), it was more or less painless. romeo is incredibly organized and straightforward. the lectures are basically verbatim from the textbook, but that isn't to say that lectures aren't worth going to. he's good at explaining things, which was helpful for me because i considered this class way out of my comfort zone. all in all, i wouldn't recommend this for someone taking it for the requirement, because it's more neuroscience than psych. also, the lab part was way more science than i ever imagined, and i struggled a bit, although she's an easier grader than she appears.

Aug 2008

Romeo is awesome. He quite possibly knows everything about everything. Ok not really but people asked some pretty specific questions in class and he almost always knew the answer. Wasn't BS'ing his way through it either. Very approachable and yes, there's a lot of information, but take some time with it and you'll be fine! There were some questions on the textbook readings. I thought the reading added some good depth, but I can see how it would be overwhelming for a non-science person. If you don't read the textbook you aren't screwed. But do know everything in the lecture notes. And don't worry he goes at a good pace.

Jul 2008

Romeo is a totally nice man who tries hard but falls short of being a good professor. I really liked him at the beginning of the semester because he made jokes and seemed very casual. However, the first two exams were obscenely difficult and required hours and hours of studying minute details. The last exam was substantially easier, I assume because so many people complained that he finally gave in and gave a fair test. He's very easy to approach after class or in office hours and generally seems to enjoy getting to know students. However, lectures were straight from the text book and the powerpoint slides were boring. He could have added some interactive component to this lecture class to make it more exciting, but instead I found myself browsing the internet for an hour like everyone else around me.

May 2008

Though Professor Romeo covers a broad range of topics, the class is really interesting. Romeo was very good at explaining the material which wasn't difficult for Neuro majors (I'm in this group) and not too terrible for psych/non-majors. You'll do fine on the exams if you just study the notes. They have a lot of information, but it's really just a matter of memorization - not a lot of conceptual stuff. If you have any problems with it, you can always talk to him - he's incredibly smart and very approachable.

Nov 2004

Dr. Romeo is one of the best professor I've had in my 4 years at Columbia. He's patient and down to earth; he hasn't forgotten the demands of life as student nor the curiosities.

Nov 2004

Great class! The material is interesting, relevant, and doesn't require a strong background in science to grasp. Though the textbook goes into extreme detail it is not entirely necessary to read it in order to do well. In class, the lectures are well organized and paced with allowances for questions. Later in the semester, in addition to the lecture material you also discuss recent and classic studies relating to the chapter being covered at the time. If you have any interest in psychology definitely take this class.