Eshkol Rafaeli

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Nov 2009

I love this professor! he has inspired me so much to be a clinical psychologist. i took intro to clin psych and abnormal psych with him and he was very easy to listen to. since ab psych is such a big class and it surveys a lot of info it was def not as interesting as intro to clin psych was. however, his passion and dedication to psychology really rubs off on you and the tests are very very fair. in intro to clin psych the class was very small and hard to get into...but the fact that it was small made it possible to have meaningful discussions. he would come into class and act out that he has a certain disorder and then we would have to figure out what it was. we also had to do an ADIS survey on someone for anxiety and write a 5-axes report on the person. i loved this bc i felt like he is the only prof who gave assignments that would be completely relevant in the field.

Apr 2009

This is a good class but not a great one. Prof. Rafaeli's lectures are clear, and you can print out the powerpoints afterwards if you want to. The material is interesting, sometimes fascinating, and even reading the textbook is not bad. I think my problem with it is that it is very much a survey class- you learn about a lot of different disorders but do not go very much in depth for any of them. I also already knew a lot of the information presented, partly from common knowledge and partly from personal interest. Rafaeli seems like a very nice guy, doesn't mind answering questions, and includes details from his work as a therapist.

Jan 2009

I really enjoyed this class, both because of the intense nature of our weekly discussions and the gentle but firm guidance of Professor Rafaeli. I went to his office hours quite a few times during the semester, sometimes to talk about the class material and sometimes to discuss the final paper (a 10-15 page proposal for a psych experiment), and found him to be patient and warm. During class, he struck a good balance between shaping the discussion and letting our individual voices come to the fore. My favorite part of the class (aside from the great readings, many penned by him) was the fact that each student served as the discussion leader during one class, so that each week's class seemed fresh and new.

Jun 2006

A must take for anyone interested in clinical psychology! Yes, his lectures can be a little slow at 9 am and they're pretty much powerpoint based, but he often talks about cases from his clinical experience that are really interesting. A great guy, great prof.

May 2006

Prof. Rafaeli is a nice enough teacher who keeps this class interesting with tons of class discussion and clinical role playing. His tests were great considering that we could make up our own questions, post them on courseworks, and then expect to see about half of them on the test. However, just like with abnormal, you have to know every detail of the textbook -otherwise, missing those few questions that come from one-liners in the book can really hurt your grade. It is sort of annoying to have to study a huge textbook so hard only to see it come up in about 5 questions on the whole test. If you are willing to do this though, then I would say definately take the class. But beware, he likes to keep class going about 5-10 min. after it is supposed to be over.

Apr 2006

Prof. Rafaeli is a phenomenal professor. He is not the best public speaker, but he makes up for it with a passion for the material. He genuinely wants you to understand the material. He will throw in role plays to get you to fully explore all aspects of abnormal psych. He teaches you how to approach diagnosis, how to ask questions, and how to differentiate one disorder from the other in very memorable ways. If you go to lecture, you will do fine on the exams. He makes things memorable. He throws in questions from the text just to make sure you read along, but what professor doesn't? He is completely receptive to all questions/comments. He is such a nice guy, you can go to him for anything, and he is more than happy to accomodate. All in all, he is amazing, and I loved this class! I will definately take another class with him!

Apr 2006

As a psych major who is adept at multiple-choice tests... I adored this class. Mainly because I did not attend it. He posts all lecture notes online and if you read the textbook with lecture notes in hand before the test, it is all very straightforward. Not to mention the "extra credit" assignments that can boost every test grade, so that the max is always 107-8. Awesome. If this class were not consistently at 9am students probably wouldn't skip it as much. But as it is, it doesn't really matter because attending class is not at all a predictor of your final grade if you are capable of teaching yourself in any way.

Jan 2006

A lot of reviewers said that Rafaeli's tests focus on the minute details of the textbook. I found that he just focuses on different material than the textbook. If you go to class, understand his lectures and virtually memorize his power point slides you will do fine. Maybe this will help some people study next semester.

Dec 2005

this class will make you work hard because his exams tend to cover small details from the book. however attendance is not required and lecture notes are posted online, which is good because you may get more out of not going to class and reading the book than going to his lectures. it's pretty clear that rafaeli is a smart man. he's also very funny and makes a few jokes to keep everyone awake - since his class starts at 9am. however half the times i went to class i was either bored or asleep... but i ended up getting an A in this course. if you want a stimulating class with an inspiring professor, this is probably not the class to take. however if you're interested in the subject and don't mind memorizing everything in the book - then take it. he's a nice man. gives lots of extra credit

Apr 2005

Rafaeli lectures may be a bit dry, but his ability to stimulate discussion makes up for it. Although the topic lends itself to interesting theoretical questions, he really encourages participation and debate. There tend to be a lot of weirdos in the class who sometimes dominate the conversation with their incessant need to express every opinion they ever had, but they can be entertaining in their own way. I highly recommend the class for anyone interested in therapy and clinical psych. Rafaeli is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and presents thought-provoking material. It's certainly possible to do well without coming to class, but Rafaeli and all the entertaining opinionated weirdos make the class entertaining and worth attending.

Jan 2005

I agree with the last review except about remembering minute details. The course does not require that you attend each lecture in order to get an A. However, you do therefore need to know the book like the back of your hand.

Jan 2005

I honestly don't know why other reviewers thought this class was bad. If you read the textbook - which I found very interesting - you'll do fine. I skipped class more than half the time, but I studied hard from the book and got an A. So if you find his lectures boring, then frankly, don't go. Read the book, take notes, maybe read the powerpoint slides (which I found not really necessary, but I guess they tell you what to focus on for the exams), and you'll do great because the material of the course is definitely engaging. Also, I disagree with the other review that says he asks for minute details on the exam - yes, you have to be able to tell the difference between different personality disorders and whatnot, but there are no tricky questions or anything difficult - he's nice enough to not even ask about medications.

Jan 2005

The content is somewhat interesting. The class however, is VERY boring. The structure of the class is one that allows for a lot of flexibility- he offers extra credit and you can drop one of the exams (not the final). The class is easy, the difficulty lies in maintaining the motivation to attend the class and do the work- The lectures and seemingly endless powerpoints are VERY BORING.

Dec 2004

This class was ONE OF THE BEST CLASSES Ive taken in college! Professor Rafaeli is incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, available to help and a great lecturer. The important notes are on slides you can print out from courseworks before class. Rafaeli is able to hold discussions in a 70-person lecture hall, and draws on a great combination of his research and clinical background when lecturing and answering questions. The information itself is really interesting. Definitely a must-take for anyone remotely interested in psychology- dont let the early time deter you.

Dec 2004

The previous review is absolutely ridiculous. I took Abnormal this semester and the class was completely manageable. Admittedly, it was not the most exciting class in the world, but the material was very interesting. The professor is extremely nice and very understanding in terms of giving credit for wrong answers if you explain yourself. About the workload being "ridiculously intense," that is BS, people need to grow up. The workload was not THAT bad, but yes you have to actually put a couple of hours in.

Dec 2004

i highly recommend this class if this is an area that youd be interested in. the lectures can be a little dry, but the subject matter is interesting, and rafaeli does make efforts to engage the class in discussion and bring the issues to life. however, this means that you will basically never get through the slides in class. rafaeli will just say "you can read them yourselves," and you best be sure you do.. because the most minute details will end up on the exams. however, rafaeli makes himself readily available, and really wants to help you understand the material better. you cant help but feel for him when he gets nervous speaking... and hes really knowledgable in his field, and it really shows in the discussions. i really enjoyed the class.

Dec 2004

This Professor sucked! His classes were boring to the extent that they became painful. He gives slides with his lectures which only serve to confuse you. This is one of the worse classes I have ever taken at Barnard. The workload is ridiculously intense. Hours of reading each week, that take up too much freaking time!

Nov 2004

liked the class.. hes a really nice guy and an interesting teacher. uses powerpoint and posts everything on courseworks.

Nov 2004

I would like to HIGHLY DISAGREE with the previous review. I thought Professor Rafaeli to be one of the most interesting professors in Barnard. Yes, he is nervous in class but he is very nice and willing to answer questions whenever there were any. For the exams he was always willing to listen to students who in some cases were very arrogant and believed they were right all the time. If he believed a question to be unfair, then he would find ways to credit those who chose the wrong answers. The text book is dense but NOT AT ALL boring. The lectures are interesting and he allows for interaction in class. The class is early in the morning and it was usually filled with students and I never missed a class. I loved this class and I look forward to taking more classes with this professor

May 2004

Don't be fooled by Prof. Rafaeli's nice and humorous demeanor the first few soon as drop add period ends, he becomes an entirely different person! He is liable to make fun of you in class for the most insignificant indiscretions, and treat you like an idiot if you don't completely understand what he's talking about. The first day of class he announces that he is a nervous public speaker...this is a serious UNDERSTATEMENT!!! He mumbles through each lecture under his breath and flies through his slides with unimaginable speed. He is the most boring professor I have ever had, which is a total shame because abnormal psych is a fascinating subject. He seemed to have one or two "cult" followers in the class that doted on his every word...don't be fooled, this class is not worth waking up at 8am and wasting money on a coffee to stay is a futile effort. BEWARE!!!!