Joy Hirsch

Nov 2004

Amazing ! Dr. Hirsch is an incredibly inspiring individual and an organized, effective teacher. However, don't let the course title fool you. It focuses on a particualr topic and explores it via reading journal articles and re-creating the experiments in Hirsch's fMRI lab at Health Sciences. This course is co-taught by Dr. Hood who has a penchant for visual systems. My semester focused solely on vision; the topic itself got a little redundant, but the fMRI methodology is invaluable. if your not at all interested in vision, don't take it, because that's all the papers focus on. But you'll learn so much more from these two amazing teachers. Every week you read a few jounral articles and have to know what's going on in them, because in class you'll be expected to answer questions, explain figures, and critique methodology. it's challenging, but when the semester's done you'll be able to read and deconstruct journal articles like a pro, a must for neuroscience majors and pre-meds. I can't stress enough how helpful and kind Dr. Hirsch was with course quesitons and general advice about research, career, etc.