Etem Erol

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Dec 2009

Who doesn't like Etem? He just exudes this vibe of enthusiasm and interest in his students. I learned more grammar in the class than I thought possible. The homework is manageable and the class has a really good learning environment. He makes a point of including everyone in class exercises (you can't hide!!), and if you fall behind on a topic he is willing to answer your questions after class or even tutor you during office hours. Also, I especially liked how he incorporated culture into the class because it makes you feel like you are actually learning about Turkey, not just doing rote memorization, plus it's good preparation if you're interested in continuing studying Turkish (which I definitely am, now!!). Wish he taught more classes, fantastic professor.

Jan 2008

Etem is great. You learn a lot of grammar in his class in between his politically incorrect commentary of everyone and everything. He doesn't emphasize vocab, which is good because you don't have to memorize it, but also bad because you have to motivate yourself to learn it. Expect to be called on and answer questions, as he talks to everyone in the room.

May 2006

Professor Erol is an excellent professor. I highly recommend taking a class from him. He is very patient (I think his only fault is that he is too patient sometimes), and though he is a busy person, he always seems to make time for his students. His class is fun and low-key, and I feel like I learned a large amount of Turkish without most of the bullshit associated with many language classes.

Apr 2004

This is an awesome course! Mr. Erol is a great lecturer: exciting, amusing yet very serious when it comes to teaching people how to read the Turkish texts written in Ottoman script. I highly reccomend this course to everyone.