Shelley Saltzman

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Nov 2018

not a fair grader at all. I didn't get why someone was allowed to use a laptop when taking an in-class written exam when most of the class had to write with pencil and paper. If I got to use a laptop, I would be more comfortable. did not realize how terrible the teacher was until I take UW this semester. If you don't know how to treat people fairly, just don't teach international students.

Jan 2018

Dr. Saltzman is the best instructor ever. She has an outstanding teaching skill and a very cheerful personality. She does everything possible to help students to improve their writing. If there are any issues, she is always there to help. She gives an excellent feedback on every single paper and is willing to spend as much time as needed to help to improve your essay and direct you in the right way. I highly recommend taking an ALP with her. Yes, she is demanding and will make you rewrite your paper a few times but it is totally worth it.

May 2015

She is AMAZING. She is caring, intelligent and a GOOD TEACHER. We all know you can easily find good scholars who are bad teachers here at CU. She is intelligent, and able to deliver the intelligence at the same time (yes, she IS a full package). Even though you will be bombarded with homework assignments and in-class writing exams, you will learn a ton. If you can take her course, you will be one lucky student.

Apr 2006

A pretty useful class, but a horrible, horrible teacher. Most international students I know are afraid of taking this class because of her. She is an extremely harsh grader, who neglects ideas and picks on the smallest things. I took this class in spring 2005, got a B-; and later in University Writing in fall I got an A-. Apart from grading she is not a friendly person either - I was honestly pretty fed up with her showing off as a Doctor, and also her unfriendliness when I tried to talk to her after class. In short, Shelley is one of the worst English teachers I have ever met in life. I wish I had taken College Composition with another more friendly, encouraging teacher, so that I would have enjoyed writing earlier.

Jan 2005

She is great. As a international student, it should be a must that people take this class. Extensive thorough discussion based classes covers basic essay writing tools that are required at college. She makes the students feel personally attached to the topics so that they can bring the best out of them. She is a bit hard grader, but it is just not possible to exaggerate how helpful her remarks on the essays are. I was often amazed to find how thoroughly she examines each. Above all, it helped me to have a better understanding of US academic system's expectation from college students, and of US society as a whole on the broader perpective. You may sometimes feel that she is nagging too much to make you revise you near perfect eassay, but mind it, you will be the beneficiary at the end.

Apr 2004

This class was so helpful! If you are an international student you are definitely going to learn a lot. Interesting essays from Norton Reade rand great topics for exams. I loved her!!!! But be prepared,grading is tough though! It is almost impossible to get an A. But the knowledge she gives is worth it!