John Daws

May 2004

John Daws did an excellent job teaching what some may find a dry subject. Although class felt like it dragged on and on, Daws was always well prepared (powerpoint slides), welcomed questions and was EXTREMELY patient answering questions. Daws knows the material really well and uses examples to help explain concepts. I attended 100% of the lectures and do not recall Daws ever being late.

Aug 2003

John Daws is a really chill professor. His lectures were funny and relaxed, and he joked around and poked fun at himself and/or the subject matter when neccessary. In the beginning you might be thinking, heck I was born knowing this stuff, but it gets worse/better, depending on how you feel about it. I mean stat is not all that interesting to lots of us, but it was surprisingly less boring than I had expected, and I actually did learn a lot. The 2 TA's we had were great. Get to know them during Lab sections. In Lab you work on computers with a partner, following step by step instructions to get statistical results from your input and you learn to analyse it. Obviously I haven't taken Stat 1010 or 1111, because taking one of those and this class would have been a waste of my time. But the way I see it is, if you are a psych major, you might as well take a stat class tailored to your studies. You will meet other psych majors, get to know psych grad students (the TA's) and their work, and you learn stat based on lots of psychological studies. It ain't half bad.