Fabiana Des Rosiers

May 2005

Yes, the class was annoying and lengthy, even the days when we got to leave an hour earlier. Yes, this woman is the pickiest person I have ever encountered, but then it's APA style. If you intend to be a psych major, then you better learn how to write a lab in APA style. With that said, Fabiana wasn't too much of a help throughout the semester. But she really wasn't as horrendous as the other reviews made her sound. In fact, midway into the semester when I CULPAed her, I was surprised by the other reviews. Maybe this semester she's trying to do things differently, maybe she's read her own reviews. The lab isn't the best experience int he world, but it certainly isn't the slow and painful death the other reviews make it out to be. One thing, it can be frustrating if you haven't taken a lab before and aren't sure how to write a lab report. Fabiana tries to prepare you for the final lab report, but I still felt wholly unprepared writing it at the end of the semester. It was frustrating throughout the semester to work really hard on the parts of a lab report and feel as htough you're not getting the hang of writing APA style. This class is a gamble, but at the same time I feel as though Fabiana was at the very least trying to be helpful. Not the most approachable at times. I wouldn't recommend this for your first psych lab. Take another one, get used to APA style and lab writing then see if you want to tackle this one.

Jan 2005

DO NOT TAKE ANY CLASSES WITH THIS WOMAN!! She is extremely self-centered, rude, and all-around annoying. I'm a psych major and understood the material pretty well, but she still made me want to cry. She sits at her desk and lectures from notes, rarely writes anything on the board and ignores questions.

Dec 2004

DON'T TAKE LAB WITH THIS LADY!!! Lab was say too intense for a low level psychology course. The lab became the equivalent of another class and considering that you are only 1.5 credits for is just not worth it! She did was not approachable during class...and damn near rude and arrogant. Outside of class she was a little better. If you are trying to fulfill your science major I would not recommend this lab. As a pysch major I was throughly pissed off and frustrated with this lab.

May 2004

Yes, Nim Tottenham taught the lecture course and was amazing. HOWEVER, what they don't tell you when you join the lab portion of the class is that Prof. DesRosiers teaches the lab. She is TERRIBLE....stay away from her at all costs. She has little to no patience for the toddlers she works with, much less the students she teaches. Her expectations are confusing at best, and her grading is even more arbitrary. Prof. DesRosiers is reason enough NOT to take Developmental psych lab; not only does she expect you to know EVERYTHING about writing a mini-dissertation (which is what all of her assignments turn out to be) but she also screams at the class for not being able to write sections of the lab reports that should be "second nature" for us...(i.e. sections that she NEVER went over in class). Overall, the lecture was great, the lab was probably the most frustrating experience of my life.

May 2004

RUN. FAST. This was...perhaps, the single biggest waste of my life. The lab was a repeat of the lecture- A THREE HOUR LECTURE...the workload is annoying, classtime was totally ill-spent, and i got NOTHING out of it.