Michael Malouf

May 2004

Although absent for the last week and a half of classes due to the grad student strike, Michael is a dedicated, supportive, and knowledgeable instructor. While he may not possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the works on the scale of Seidel, he knows his stuff and has many very elucidating points to share. His classes may not have been incredible discussion oriented (mainly because it was a 9am section) but there were never any awkward silences. I have to give him snaps for those well-prepared, early morning performances. What was particularly great about the class was the way in which Michael always led us to every conclusion, step by step, instead of dropping his points like massive thought bombs. By the time he reached his point (which sometimes too a while), it felt like a sort of revelation. If you find yourself in Michael's section, consider yourself lucky; you'll grow to love the guy.