Victoria Melnikova

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2006

If you hate spanish, she makes it the least painful. And this school really knows how to pick em'. She has a sense of humor and the quizzes all follow the basic formate which is easy to study for. A straight forward class. No anxiety...!

May 2005

I had a good experience in Victoria's class. She did a good job explaining the grammar and I felt like I actually did learn stuff in class. For those of you concerned about grades, Victoria is a pretty lenient grader. My only complaint is that some of the in-class exercises were a little boring. But Victoria is a very nice teacher and I recommend her.

Dec 2004

Victoria is an understanding, nice professor who will not force you to talk if its clear that you really don't want to/can't, and if you do, she loves it. She's easy-going, not a super harsh grader, and not, as previous reviews have said, bitchy. I can't imagine that. Its not the most exciting class ever, but I don't see how an professor could make the elementary spanish classes on-the-edge-of-your-seat enthralling. Pretty painless way to get through the spanish requirement. Do your homework, study for the tests, turn things in on time, and you'll be fine.

Oct 2004

Boring, easy, bitchy. Not a fun class, but it's one you never have to worry about. Try to get another prof, but don't despair if you get Melnikova.

May 2004

Grading was pretty fair, not hard at all to get an A which is what most people care about anyway. However, she can come across as a bitch sometimes and pretends to be strict with attendence. Paz Nachon should be your first choice for any spanish class, but if she's not available then MeInikova would be a good backup.