Andrew Flibbert

May 2004

He's a genuinely nice guy, with even a little sense of humor. He seems to wish his subject matter was more interesting, which leads him to somehow tie in moral philosophy and other abstract stuff to IPE. The material starts off OK, until you realize that the same topic discussed in week 1 will be basically the entire theme of the year. There were 2 papers, a midterm, and a final, and all of them aksed the same annoying question: how do states affect the economy? It hardly went more in-depth than that. By the last month of class, Flibbter hardly lectured, opening up the floor for random ppl to talk about McDonalds in Japan and whatnot. Overall, you'll read up on current views on globalization and Multi-National Corporations and the like, but won't come out with any real understanding of the subject. Except that states affect the economy. Somehow, though, the class wasnt half-bad.