Bina Gogineni

Apr 2006

Bina is a cool teacher and keeps University Writing relatively chill. Unfortunately, she is very disorganized. It took her many weeks to hand back each of our essays. We never even got to see the grade on our big CCP paper which would have been really helpful for understanding why we got the semester grade we received. Overall though, she is a good teacher but I feel the students would get more out of the class if she actually handed back the papers we wrote and was more clear in explaining why we got a certain grade.

Jan 2006

Bina is a cool person and she keeps UW interesting and non-painful with her relaxed attitude and interesting readings. However, I have one major problem with her. The way she grades essays seems rather arbitrary. You can receive a bad grade on a paper just for one minor mistake that she blows out of proportion.

Jul 2005

By far Ms. Gogenini has been the worst instructor I have encountered here at Columbia. I should have seen it from the begining of the semester. She was often late and did not seem to care that she took away valuable time from her students. She was very cavalier about attendance, she expected attendance to be perfect, yet she herself missed several classes and did not inform the class on a timely basis. Her grading was arbitrary and the leniency she showed to certain students was as well. She misplaced students drafts and papers, and her ability to return first drafts in a timely fashion was completely lacking. Ms. Gogenini is completely unprofessional, shows no real interest in expanding the writing abilities of the students, and brings little to the table as a Columbia University instructor. I STRONGLY reccomend that you not take UW with this TA.

Jun 2005

By far the most interesting and engaging professor I've had here at Columbia. Uninterested in the inane and mundane details of the UW program, Ms. Gogineni focuses on the important aspects of the course: critical reading and analysis. She structures the class beautifully with fantastic reading pieces, although some of them are somewhat difficult, and great disussion fuel. After dreading UW for so long, I felt extremely fortunate to have her as my teacher, as I looked forward to going to class while everyone else outside of my class in UW complained. Liking UW... imagine that. She grades amazingly fair, giving rewards where rewards are due. She is also extremely leniant with deadlines and requirements, giving much freedom to the student. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class with her, please do so. It's extremely rewarding.

Apr 2005

Bina is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She took University writing, a typically boring, drudge work orientied class, and turned it into sometihng interesting. She picked her own reading list, and centered all the texts around the theme of transcultural society, exoticism, globalisation, etc. and she is especially well trained to teach these texts, having studied under Said himself, right before he died. Although she is strongly engaged in the material, she is also quite laid back, and I doubt you'll find a chiller UW teacher. She is extremely understanding when you cant get papers in on time, or if they are under the word limit. Whats more, she has no qualms about handing out A's for good papers, unlike many stingy teachers out there. You can expect her to show up to class late, dressed stylishly, everyday. Thanks to her my writing has evovled immeasurably. Long story short, Bina is awsome.

May 2004

Bina is awesome. She's basically a kid just like us but she knows what she's doing. She usually comes late to class, but that means that I don't have to rush to get there myself so it works out well. She's a lot of fun to have as a teacher, and makes the material interesting. She grades pretty fair on the papers, and is flexible with giving extentions(no rewrites though). It does tend to take her a little while to get the papers back. I would definitely recomment taking her for University Writing.