Michele Hardesty

Jan 2005

I liked Michele. Some of the kids in my class didn't, but most of us thought her reasonable and generally pretty chilled out. Sometimes she seemed to make fairly arbitrary decisions, but she was, for the most part, a good teacher of a terrible course.

May 2004

I had heard all of the horror stories about University Writing, but Michele was the ideal teacher for this course. She did a phenomenal job, even though she seemed very demanding at times. Always willing to help out via email or office hours, she seemed incredibly dedicated. Her comments are always good, even if her suggestions are somewhat unreasonable, especially on final papers. But you'll actually be able to enjoy writing with Michele. The strike notwithstanding, UW was a worthwile class. Even though we didn't get to really do our Collaborative Critical Projects, and Michele didn't want to meet outside of Columbia like some other teachers did, it was probably more of an ideology issue than anything else. Highly recommended.