Vishal Misra

Jan 2014

The lectures were not very interesting, and I think those 60 students who seldom showed up in class would agree with me on this. But Professor Misra was really a nice guy and he was very patient to answer every question in class. The workload was okay, though the programming assignments could be time consuming, but Professor Misra was always considerate enough to give extensions due to popular request. Plus, you have 3 late days, which really came in handy when you were overwhelmed by the crazy workload of some other course.

May 2008

Overall a good class. Good programming assignments, some of the written hw questions can be vague. Class lectures were alright but were unfortunately scheduled to start at 9:10AM, so I missed most of them. Exams were not problematic if you knew your stuff, which you would if you could do the homework. On a side note, I was able to use this class to get quite a nice bit of experience doing multithreaded programming. That was pretty nice.

Jan 2008

Like swimming through Jello. Bad lectures, good programming assignments, bad written homeworks, unbelievable exams. It's not that the exams were hard. They were open book. But even if you knew ALL the material, you couldn't really do well on the exams. Or the written homeworks. I don't think anyone knew the right answers, because the questions were vague and were graded vaguely to boot.

May 2006

Information theory is an interesting subject, but the professor has some trouble presenting it. He taught directly from the Cover and Thomas textbook, but assigned a different textbook for us, which didn't cover the same material, and organized it differently where there was overlap. The lectures were hard to follow, and there was no text to refer to (Unless you had cover and thomas)

May 2004

Pretty Good Professor. Also, the course is very interesting. He explains things clearly. However, he usually explains things exactly as they are in the text, and doesn't really go out of his way to make them interesting. He is very good in interacting with students however, and makes himself very available outside of class.