Jeffrey Said

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Feb 2007

I took Calc II because Jeff Said happened to teach it, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. Few can teach as clearly and rigorously as Jeff Said. He not only imparted a solid understanding of integrals and series, but I feel he really prepared me for my future math classes at Columbia. Thank you Jeff!

Aug 2005

This professor is by far the nicest professor in the entire department. He cares about his students and is always trying to make them stress less. The class itself is kind of boring and really hard.

Jan 2005

jeff said is the man - if you have the chance to get him for calculus 2 (all he teaches), then go for it - he always tries to help your grade and help you learn the material

Jan 2005

JEFFREY is the nicest guy ever, and he is funny, and makes jokes and makes class as fun as it could possibly be by interacting with the students who take it seriously enough to come to class. you dont have to go, he wont penalize you for late homework assignments, and he doesnt want to screw you over by giving you a bad grade if you at least try. i guess if you are a serious calc student and are planning on majoring in math or physics and you want to get down to business, this isnt necesarily the best class, but rather a relaxed environment in which you take the material at your own pace... he gives you a practice test that lays out what you need to know for the exams, and i think he's cancelling the webwork for the course also... he's from south africa, so he speaks good english and has some good stories... and he even invited us all out to the west end after our final to chat. he's a nice guy, and i got an A+ so he's not out to prove anything about his authority or anything, if that makes sense... good luck !!! take JEFFREY SAID! HE'S THE BEST,

Nov 2004

Wow. I would have to agree that Jeffrey, albeit only a graduate student, is one of the best math professors. After finishing up Calc II with him, I must say, he cares about every single student in the class. He makes jokes (they're corny, but still make you smile) all the time in class; he's got some great little stories. So saying, if you wanna take Calc II, get into this class as fast as you can.

Nov 2004

Jeffrey Said is a great professor. He clearly has an exceptional command of the material because when he walks into class he glances at the text and is able to teach full lessons. He is very reasonable about homework and tests. From what I see his philosophy is "if you do well on the tests, you clearly know the material well, which is the goal of my class". This means that if you are not big on doing homework he will take care of you. On the other hand if you get nervous doing tests and sometimes underperform, he will take care of you "if you do all of your homework and put forth a noticable effort". He makes jokes all of the time during class and also offers a tremendous amount of time for extra help. Jeffrey Said wants his students to learn math. That is the bottom line. I don't know what more one could ask for.

Nov 2004

A great, great guy. He really saved my life in this class. Unlike so many professors who just don't care, Jeff truly WANTS each of his students to do well in the class, and he will do everything he can to make sure that happens. So, if you're dead set on taking this class (or are an engineer or math major) I seriously suggest you get into Jeff's class. However, if you have already fulfilled your math requirements, and are just taking this class for the hell of it, really make sure it's what you want to's NOTHING like Calculus I, and you might regret taking it.

May 2004

Jeffrey Said is definitley one of the nicest instructors that I have had here in Columbia. His teaching is clear and straightforward and his exams are straight out of the lectures and from homework assignments. No problems on the final were something we havent seen before. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take a class with him