Margo Jefferson

May 2004

Margo (she becomes Margo and not Professor after a few weeks) co-taught this class with Elizabeth Kendall. While both are professional writers (NYTimes book/theatre critic, and dance critic, respectively), Margo is by far the more fun of the pair. She is, quite frankly, the most outgoing intelligent professor I have had at Columbia. She is incredibly smart and an excellent writer - you don't win a Pulitzer for book criticism after only two years without talent - and this translates into the classroom fairly well. This semester she left most of the line-by-line editing to Elizabeth, which was a shame as the comments she gave in Office Hours (go as often as you can and they'll love you) were very helpful. The class itself is ideal for anyone considering journalism, particularly criticism in the arts, as a career. You do a fair number of reviews - one each of film, dance, and books - and also some essay writing, and while only one gets workshopped in class the comments you get back on papers are often spot-on and quite helpful. Anyone in the creative writing program (or reviewers for the Spec or any other campus periodical) should seriously consider this class.