Andreea Radu

Sep 2004

Excellent teacher. I took this class over the summer, which meant that we had less time to cover the same material. Once or twice it felt like he was rushing through a topic to get to the next (more advanced) ones, but over all I found that his pacing was perfect. He's a funny guy (I thought, anyway), and sometimes tries to insert a bit of Philosophical Wisdom by telling us stories about his childhood. But he's a get-down-to-business-now kind of guy, and generally doesn't waste any time getting right into the day's lesson. In other words, He reviews the previous day's material only enough to refresh your memory, not to teach it over again. (If my tone is a bit ambiguous, I'm saying this is a good thing.) Radu is very good about explaining concepts in a way that everyone could understand. If people look confused, he'll go through it again a bit slower, but I think his normal pace of teaching is a bit on the quicker side. (Personal note: I actually prefer this to the slow "repeat and review redundantly until you drop" style some professors like to use.) Any questions on the homework were cleared up after asking him to explain the problems on the board. He's actually a grad student, as the previous reviewer mentioned, but I highly recommend taking his classes.

May 2004

Radu is a uniquely dedicated teacher. He designs his lectures and examples to illustrate exactly what he believes is important, and these very points are what is tested on. He really wants to see his students do well. In addition, he is always available in the Math Help Room for assistance outside of class.