Allison Deutermann

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Sep 2005

Professor Deutermann (also goes by "Allison") is an energetic teacher whose excitement about teaching and writing can be very contagious. Although University Writing (as many professors may admit) may not be very appealing as a course, Allison seems to make the work seem just that bit lighter and enjoyable. She is understanding of all your struggles and problems, as she is simultaenously a student herself. She is one of those teachers that, if you take one step towards them, takes two steps towards you. She explains concepts very clearly and simply, keeping to those few points that the average student can absorb in an intensive four months. She is a laid back and unassuming person, and not ashamed to admit when certain workshops are becoming tedious or unproductive and try a new approach.

Feb 2005

Frequently one to rock the stilettos, Ms. Deutermann knows what she is talking about and helped me a great deal with my writing. She has a lot of great insight about writing in general, and the articles in specfic, being able to find the merits of an assigned reading that may initially seem impossibly dry. She is certainly one of the more laid-back profs I have encountered, certainly in part due to her youth, but she knows what to do in order that her students succeed. Furthermore, she was very accessible throughout the semester to discuss papers, work, or whatever, always with much sass. In a class, like UW, which has a rather concrete syllabus to follow, one's experience is entirely dependent on the instructor. Allison Kay Deutermann made my experience absolutely fabulous.

Nov 2004

Allison is an awesome person- very young, hip, and laid-back. Her skills as a teacher are just as impressive- she is able to engage the class and keep things as interesting as possible in a class that is structured to be relatively tedious. Our reading selections are always fun, and discussion, while oftentimes not necessarily about how to improve our writing, is interesting and engaging. The workload is not a piece of cake, but Allison does a good job of helping you through it; she is readily available for meetings and always gives a lot of feedback. UW is not a fun class no matter who teaches you, so if you can get a teacher like Allison, who can at least mitigate some of the pain, consider yourself lucky.