Amity Law

May 2005

Prof. Law can be a bit dull at times, but she is knowledgeable about the artworks discussed, and she is committed to imparting that knowledge to her students. Her assignments leave a lot of room for creativity and allow students a chance to explore arts in the city, ranging from sketches of local architecture to reviews of art exhibits in NYC museums. She is fairly understanding about tardiness and absences and is accessible for help or clarification of assignments. Though she does try to encourage class discussion, she often poses questions that are too open-ended to easily facilitate discussion or counters students' remarks to the point of killing any ensuing discussion. The readings aren't necessary for participation, but they certainly help. All in all, she is a sweet lady and a good teacher and while the class won't inspire you to become an art major, you will definitely have a solid knowledge of the works on the art hum syllabus.

Jan 2005

The reviews I've read here are way off base; Amity is a great teacher--by far my best in the Fall semester. First off, she is a kind grader. She seems to understand how difficult it is to survey the entire history of western art in 16 weeks. Show some honest thought in your work and you'll be happy with your grade. Proof read carefully--her only pet peeve is careless writing. The 'lectures' were fun and easy to get involved in. Not overdone with academic language as I hear most W1121 classes are. Even on my groggiest days she seemed to rope me in. My only complaints have to do with the room we were in and the department's structure of the class. The room had bizarre acoustics--it swallowed voices whole. This is probably why these students believe she was shy. If you're on 6th floor Shermerhornit be sure to sit up front and you'll hear everything but the irrelevant anecdotes being told towards the back. The structure annoyed me because it forced me to listen to inane comments from other students. Discussion is a large part of the class, and is only as good as its make-up. This seems to be the case for every Art Hum class, so beat the BS'ers to the punch and try to learn something. If you simply want to learn things by rote, audit didactic lectures, and generally be told what to think and then be tested on what you've been told then Amity might not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to be challenged with sharp questions, aren't afraid of thinking for yourself, and want to gain some understanding from this mad rush through several thousand years of western art then she's a great choice.

Jan 2005

In my opinion, an inept instructor - mumbles, shy, doesn't know that much. Long periods of silence, does not facilitate discussion or seem very interested in teaching. Class consisted of long periods of akward silences. Switch out!!!

May 2004

Law is a nice TA who seems really committed to students and teaching. Her teaching skills will improve with time, but I found the section to be painful and very boring.