Molly Tambor

May 2008

On a personal level, I really liked her, but this class was worthless. The reading was mind-numbing, and many of the short works seemed to be exercises in patience. She failed to pull the readings together in any fashion. Instead, she would take several key facts from the texts and verbally quiz the students -- in lecture -- on those facts. These quizzes are a huge waste of time for students that have read the material. Questions on the exams and papers were excruciatingly broad, and TAs grade the work. Weekly discussion sections, which are even more useless than lecture, are designed to make sure students are reading and attending lecture. A note on the discussion sections: I'm an adult, and I did not sign up for a kindergarten class. If other students aren't working, I shouldn't be forced to attend a discussion section for their sake. Naturally, all of this impracticality insured that no one was prepared for the exams. These students were the most terrified group of pre-midterm students I've ever encountered. She also assumes all of her students thoroughly understand the intricate details of Catholicism. Avoid this class if you do not. That said, the class is an easy A, and lectures would not be necessary if students did not have to go to discussion sections. (Parroting lecture material is also expected.) Just be prepared for boredom and agitation.