Christian Broda

May 2004

Broda is a sharp young economist from the New York Federal Reserve, however he is not an enthusiastic teacher and is unfriendly towards students who rise mundane points or questions. While he knows his matieral very well (like most economists), he gives the impression that he would rather work with mature and knowledgeable graduate students or other economists rather than with undergrads who want to fulfill a major requirement. The most problematic part of the course was the final seminar paper assignment. He gave no more than a few weeks to complete a difficult original paper, and certain students had more time than others to write it. As a Federal Reserve economist with a PhD from MIT, Broda expects graduate level research and doesn't realize most the students don't have the level of training and sophistication he demands. Unless you intend to do graduate study in international finance and money and know your macro, micro and econometrics well, you may want to take a course with a different seminar instructor. Broda is a bust as a teacher.