Gretchen Gerzina

Jan 2005

professor gerzina is a great person, but she seemed very removed from the class, to the point of disinterest. the readings were great, but readings that all the majors would have read by that point. i'm in agreement w/the other poster that said that some student presentations were downside to the class, but i also think that maybe the students would have been more enthusiastic about the class if the professor had been.

Jun 2004

Professor Gerzina began our class with some gossip about the people we were about to study, family tragedies, brave choices, sexual escapades and life-long friendships and romances. She helped us get to know the members of this group and then lead us into their ideas with informal but professional (highly interesting as well as informative) lectures. She seemed to choose her syllabus carefully and the (mostly) fascinating readings included biography, autobiography, articles by and about the group as well as novels. She also included a film (of Mrs. Dalloway) and a unit about art. We discussed art and philosophy and literature. She brought in fascinating guest lecturers as well. Throughout the course, she made an extraordinary effort to make sure we connected to the ideas we discussed. She said in our last class and I noticed all semester that she wanted the material to be relevant to our lives. When I visited her office hours she was interested and engaged and she helped my think more deeply about literature than I ever have before. She granted me a re-write after I found a new and exciting idea to replace my earlier, mediocre paper. I always felt that her grades were highly accurate, not too harsh or too inflated. Take any class this experienced, knowledgeable and approachable professor offers! And be sure to visit her office hours, even if you're intimidated at first.

Jun 2004

I like Prof. Gerzina a whole lot as a person, and she's a good professor too. She knows everyone, and our whole class was able to go to a reception with Angela Davis, one of her friends. She allows you to have your own thoughts, something that is always important. The workload is quite manageable, and not too much reading for a seminar. The class was really small, so doing the reading was important. Class discussions were good when everyone did the reading. Some of the student presentations were a downside to the class.