Melissa Bugbee

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2005

This was one of the most plesant classes I hvae ever taken. She was a spectacular guide through art hum. Not only did she teach the material in a way that involved the entire class and forced people to be interested but she was always available for more in depth discussion or just general help. I truly enjoyed this class, probably my favorite class at Columbia. IF you got Bugbee then you are incredibly lucky.

Aug 2005

Certain Professors at Columbia should sit in on Melissa's class and observe the correct way to teach a class. Melissa's lectures were always interesting to listen to. In addition, she was considerate and open-minded towards other students' intrepretations of the artworks. She allowed the class to submit drafts of the papers ahead of time, and graciously proof read them for us. Her midterm and final exams are based on her review sessions. There are no trick questions, or ambigous essay questions: what you see with Melissa is what you get. And what you're getting is a wonderful instructor.

Jun 2005

An excellent teacher! She is clear, concise, considerate, and extremely helpful. What more could you possibly ask for?!

May 2005

Melissa is a great teacher!!! I was so lucky to be in her section. She's so nice because she revised our essays before giving them in and answered our many questions during office hours. There was a day in which the projector stopped functioning and we didn't make up the class because she knew that would be more material for us to study from. We didn't get to do Monet, Warhol, or Wright, but that was okay. I learned so much from that one class even though we didn't cover three units. Her exams are easy and very fair. She is one of the best art hum teachers out there, so if you get her, KEEP HER!

Jan 2005

Melissa was a great teacher. She really cared about the classes understanding of the art, and really wanted everybody to do well. As said before, it was an easy class, BUT you learn a lot. I was never really interested in art but I came out of this class really knowledgable and enjoyed it! Melissa is willing to read essays before they are due, and you can even e-mail her the night before with PART of your essay and she will e-mail you or call you to give you some help. It was truly amazing how much she cared. If you end up with Melissa Bugbee for art hum consider yourself lucky, its not difficult and you will learn a lot.

Jan 2005

Melissa is really a good teacher. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. I think as long as you go to class and take some notes or just rememeber what was said about the paintings in class, the midterm and final are not difficult at all. In my class, the readings weren't really necessary only one towards the end about Goya or something but maybe she'll teach differently next time so pay attention to see if you really need to do the Art Hum. reader readings. She does not pick on you in class so you don't have to worry about that, but just make sure you look attentive and so you can get some kind of participation credit say something once in a while no matter what is about the painting, people say the most obvious and redundant things restated so just say something. I think I would consider her a fairly easy teacher but you actually learn things as opposed to other easy teachers. I definitely recommend her. (I am not particularly interested in art so you know I am not biased towards this class being fun or anything.)

Jun 2004

I have never before had a TA who has actually been helpful. Melissa was organized for discussion sections, incredibly friendly and very knowledgable. She cared about her students. She editted my 8 page paper in 24 hours giving me typed pages of reaction, even pointing out other sources for me research relating to my specific topic. Before the final, she met with me to answer my questions one-on-one for 2 hours. Melissa is by far the best TA I have ever had, and I highly recommend taking any class in which she is involved.