Yoko Saito

Jun 2004

Saito-Sensee is a wonderful teacher. I am Japanese and I am familiar with the work ethic of the culture as a whole, so I can appreciate her perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail. However, if you want to learn this language - she is the way to go, if she's back next year. She is kind and fair, despite her demanding workload and strict classroom rules. She wants to hear your questions, she wants you to understand and she will never explain anything to you as "Well, it's just like that in Japanese and you have to learn it." If there is a reason, she will find it for you if she does not know why something is, and she will explain it to the best of her ability. She is funny and engaging in class. The class itself is fast-paced though and very difficult, so it thins out quickly. Saito-Sensee's class started with nearly 30 students and I think by the end of the year there were about 15. She sees RIGHT THRU people and she knows who is in the class because they want to be, and who is in the class because they took it on a whim. She will make EVERY effort to help you though, so utilize her office hours when you need to. She appreciates this effort.