Moji Barataloo

Jan 2005

Moji's other reviews are right on target. Her course offers no syllabus, no readings, no outline...she will just repeatedly pose the question, "what is urban studies, anyway?" After numerous complaints about lack of direction on our projects, she took us to the East River to clear our heads, where we did interpretive dance and led each other around with bandanas tied over our eyes. WHAT. And that is no lie.

Aug 2004

if you are trying to choose between harvard or columbia for summer school in architecture, forget columbia. taking a class with moji barataloo really puts everything in perspective so well--her incorrect use of all the buzzwords like "discourse" and "iterations" (havent we overcome all that postmodern bs?), her arrogance (she will take all opportunities to poo-poo you instantly without giving you much patience or explanation while doing the double-talk of "encouraging" and "pushing" you at the same time--in the end, most people end up with a charity grade of a "C+" no matter how hard you work), and her sheer lack of enthusiasm for aspiring students. at all costs, ask the director to swicth to a different class, or better yet, go to harvard. this person is a living reason why columbia remains substandard.

Jun 2004

At first this person seems very engaging, vibrant, and oh so understanding. But wait after a few weeks and her true colors are revealed. MB would cheerfully bring in guest critics for a review and then excuse herself during the review so she can go to one of the back rooms in avery hall to work on her own projects!! She would also exploit the labor of her TA assigned exclusively for this class for her own ends. It was incredible. Usually the class would only last one hour with this person (the desk crits could even be as short as 2 or 3 minutes. She would say, "Just keep doing what you're doing," only to leash anger at you, or even interrupt during your presentation and yell "Next!" at you during a review!), when in fact the class is supposed to last at least 2-3 hours. Dont be fooled by her first impression because she will betray them very quickly. She just doesnt care--insincerity at its worst.