Hubert Bray

Jan 2005

I took Calc with him in Spring 04 and thought he was wonderful. He would always remind us of basic algebraic rules (even though at our level, we really should have already known them), never ever skipped steps and was always very thorough in answering questions. What makes him such a great prof is that he can put things in lay terms -- a rare talent possessed by few professors at his level. If he's teaching, take my advice and sign up for his class!

Jun 2004

EXCELENT! Professor Bray makes this course fun, you will enjoy every single class. He is funny and always works hard so everyone really understand the material. The exams are not too hard althoug there are always two very hard problems. I enjoyed his course and now I am totally confident to take any other more advance calculus course. If this is your first calc course don hesitate to choose this professor.