Cindy Lobel

Jun 2004

Professor Lobel is totally cool. She permits students to call her Cindy and prohibits them from calling her Dr. Lobel (despite being a PhD.) One day she didn't have her notes with her, yet she lectured for nearly 3 hours (with a only 15 minute break) and it was one of the best lectures of the semester. She helps students understand the fundamental reasons for change with emphasis on major events or turning points. Although Kenneth Jackson is the New York Guru, I don't feel that I missed anything by not taking his class, but then again, I don't know what I missed. I do know what I gained, however. I enjoyed watching her dismiss brown-nosing and long-winded students too! Cindy has a great sense of humor (like the rest of us native New Yorkers) and knows the city "like the back of her hand." This was a great class to take during the summer because we went on neighborhood tours and were blessed with nice weather. She's also professional NYC tour guide. Take her classes if they are available! One of the best instructors I've had here at Columbia, and I'm a senior history major.