Angela Schonfelder

Apr 2005

After you've read the reviews about her, take heed to them. Don't be open-minded about it. Just do yourself a favor and leave. But here's a very tiny example of her incredible irresponsibility: We had one class last week because she (ab)used our individual oral examination time for two classes. She was absent last class due to sickness. She used 80% of today's class about how we're the worst class she's ever had. She doubts we'll be prepared for the final and retaliated with sudden mountains of homework assignments (which we never get!) due next class. She does not have office hours. Angela never pays attention to student's needs. Her assignments are unclear. The lectures are fragmented and sporadic. We're 3 weeks behind the syllabus. Next week, she's either going to be absent or use half of class time asking the question "what did you do over the weekend", without delving into our necessary tasks. God help us all.

Mar 2005

I'm right in the middle of midterms with her right now. We're 2 weeks behind the syllabus. Last week, we breezed through what she admitted as the "most difficult part of French", although the standard syllabus requires at least a week and half for study per chapter. My grades thus far: A +, C, A-, D-, and this inconsistent performance is far from unique. The classes consists of either cocktail parties at the Maison Francaise, very few fragmented lectures on crucial gramattical structures, supplemental commentaries about "how we're irresponsible", retaliatory pop quizzes (penalizing the ones that are IN class and not those that ARE NOT, huh??), and a routine of covering textbook material question per question. She sometimes forgets to mention what our homework assignments are, and when we hand in our homework, she either doesn't correct them or hands them out 3 weeks later (thus ruining the purpose of homework). The effects of her inconsistency has reached such a level right now that merely 6 of 14 students showed up last class, and this is due to our monumental frustration. She's charming but she can't succesfully maneuver this aspect effectively. That pretty much sums her up. Is this slander?.. I think not.. Avoid her like the plague.

Jan 2005

Just do yourself a favor and avoid her. She means well and understands grammar well but has difficulty explaining nuances in english, as it is her second language. She also seems extremely overworked and is completely useless at grading and handing back tests, compositions, and homework.

Jan 2005

Professor Shonfelder wants to have an organized and productive class but does not seem able to pull it together. She takes forever to give assignments back and sometimes just leaves them in her mailbox to be picked up. She goes very slowly through the material at the beginning of the term until she realizes how far behind the class and than goes through the material too fast to be comprehensible. She also assigns confusing group projects in class and then is annoyed when nobody is doing anything because they don't understand what they are supposed to be doing. She has a good understanding of French and is good with explaining grammar but she is also sometimes hard to understand as she is speaking French with a German accent.

Jun 2004

She was such a terrible teacher, and she knew it. She even gave us hints for the standardized exams the day before so that we could prepare decent answers. I think she did this b/c she knew her "lessons" hadn't prepared us well enough to do the essays spontaneously, the way they're supposed to be done. This wouldn't even be such a problem if I didn't plan on going to French 2. I would have preferred a prof who showed up, had a lesson plan, etc. ps Her English is so horrendous that hurts my ears, I can't even imagine how her French accent must be.