Ivan Savic

Feb 2006

After a little over a semester with Ivan, I really like him as a CC teacher, and I'm sure that in his specialty (political science) he is even better. He's very nice and very funny, and he clearly tries hard to do a good job. He comes to class prepared and with plenty of topics. I can only imagine how a PhD candidate in poli sci has enough time to so thoroughly research all of the readings we have to cover for CC, but somehow he has done a good job. He is straightforward and cool, a nice change of pace from my very enigmatic, difficult, elderly lit him teacher from last year. Ivan also has taken the time to plan a pizza party for the class with a movie, etc., and I know from experience that he is more than willing to discuss his experience as a grad student and in post-college life with any of his students. A great guy all around.

Aug 2004

Funny, very accessible, good class handouts. Breeze of a course! Lenient grader. B+/A- is very attainable, you gotta bust your butt for anything higher.