Peggy Ellsberg

May 2017

Professor Ellsberg has been one of my favorite professors I have ever had. I took her for Major English Texts 1 and just had to sign up for Major English Texts 2. Though her classes can be hard to follow and her lectures can be difficult to denote, she is easily one of the most entertaining people on the planet. She is very disorganized which is a little daunting but I honestly found it worth it because she made the literature so accessible. Taking her class is like getting a fantastic education and going to a comedy show rolled into one. Everyone should take a class with her before they graduate from Barnard.

Jan 2006

A very interesting teacher, and highly recommended if you want an interesting and solid survey class. You go from Beowulf to John Donne. Professor Ellsberg is a very captivating lecturer. She knows all those quirky facts about each huge literary figure that you remember, and digs into some pretty facinating ideas. For example, she gets into the pagan roots of the English.