Brandon Bates

Jan 2005

I was initially assigned to a section with Chinese TA. That was horrible, as he would just tell us to go and run the experiment and when you asked him questions, there was no way you could understand what he was saying. Then I switched to Brandon's section and it was just great. He would first give us a quick overview and then interact with us during the experiment. Although I am a Biology major and am not in love with Physics, he made the sessions really interesting and I learned a lot from him. He is very approachable, easy going and friendly. He won't give you the answers on a plate put help you figure things out and understand them.

Sep 2004

Brandon's laidback style well-received by class. Pre-lab writeups of any kind not allowed, though several flaunted this rule. Grading seemed arbitrary with little evidence or explanation for point deductions. Students not once told how they were doing relative to other students gradewise. Affable, likeable character interested in making labs fun and reducing stress. A-pluses supposedly not given. You could do much worse.