Peter Bank

Apr 2007

While I agree Prof. Bank's accent and handwriting are a strain, his approach to stochastic problems simplifies the subject. Look at Prof. Karatzas notes on the same subject, you won't understand as much as with Prof. Bank's. Mathematical concepts which are not key to understand the course are left untouched, unless a student asks for an explanation or a proof that he will happily give you. Most rewarding are the Homework he give away each, especially the one you have to hand back in and solve in full. They make you understand the subject and appreciate his style of teaching "right to the point". Midterms and Finals are based on materials seen in class or in homeworks, or even in review sessions before exams. His intentions are not to put low grades but to have everyone understand the fundamentals of the class. I would recommend this class to graduate students or students who are comfortable in maths (finished Calulus, Algebra etc..)

Jan 2007

I took him for Calc IV. HE is a nice guy, although his writing is kind of messing. Do not ask him trivial or stupid questions, though. His Calc IV class is decently and reasonably good and you learn hte material well.Tests are reasonable but do not expect them to be like his hw problems. He incorporates information from his notes, too. Great professor!:)

Apr 2005

Peter Bank is a nice guy, but that doesn't make up for the fact that he can't teach the subject. He is hard to understand, his handwriting is hard to read, and he often gets...flustered (for lack of a better word), when writing on the board. He also tends to overly complicate what should be a simple subject. The problem sets are hard, but if you spend enough time on them and actually get the answer they can be quite fulfilling. If you don't get something in class or on either of the midterms, he will be happy to spend time to explain it. He is very approachable, he just can't to a class

Jan 2005

Absolutely awful professor. I would strongly recommend that you not take this course. He is extremely confusing and difficult to understand. He cannot explain anything and he shows no passion in teaching. IThe class was much harder than it should have been. The TA or whoever grades the tests and homework has no compassion or sympathy. If you need to take this class for any reason, take it with another professor. If you need to take this class with Peter Bank, find a really good tutor and don't even bother going to class.

Dec 2004

If you can get past his thick accent, poor hand writing, and difficulity explaining complex problems, his class is tollerable. He is a very nice guy, but its hard to make up for his boring lectures. He only expects you to know material out of the book, so if all else fails, save time by studying the sections in the book and skip the lectures.

Dec 2004

A nightmare. Difficult at best to understand what this man is doing at the board. His English is terrible, his handwriting is sloppy, and he just mumbles through his explanations of things. Eventually, I just stopped going to class because it was a waste of time. He posts a syllabus online and teaches pretty much parallel to the textbook which means that if you don't mind learning math by the book, you can get along just fine, as the text is decent.

Dec 2004

Peter Bank is a nice guy. That said, you'll learn much better from the text book. His lectures are quite useless even when you get over his messy writing and german accent. the homework and tests tend to ask more interesting questions so you do learn from them but if you're looking for an easy A, Bank may not be for you.

Dec 2004

He has an accent, which you can get used to after awhile. Handwriting is kinda bad. He will take the time to explain things to you that you don't get but the thing is he can't teach well to begin with. I don't think it's his fault really. He uses examples from the book so there is really no point in going to class at all. His midterms are horrible. I mean really bad. You will fail. We have like the lowest class avg out of all the calc II classes. Do not take this class unless you are an ace at calc.

Nov 2004

LOL. Peter Bank isn't that bad at all. Peter is new this year, so the least you guys could do is finish the class before you bash him. He is a tiny bit tough to understand sometimes, but he jokes about his accent and will gladly repeat anything. There are always seats in the front every day (where I sit) - so don't complain about not being able ot understand him if you haven't tried sitting at the front. It makes a big difference. He is very funny in class, and he gives tons of examples, and proves everything. There have been a couple of classes that were tough to follow, but then again I don't read the book before class or do many of the optional assignments, so I doubt they would be tough to follow with a little prep. 9/10 of his classes are easy to follow. Judging by the grades on the first midterm, most of the people taking Calc IIIA from Bank are terrible at math. His midterms are harder than I thought they would be, but still not that hard. Quit whining, everyone. I have learned a lot in the class. Our book is great, Peter isn't that bad, and he is more than willing to explain anything you want, just ask. We have one assignment a week that is somewhat difficult, but only a few problems. Two midterms, pretty tough, he hasn't said if he would scale them or not. Haven't gotten to the final yet, so no comment. There are probably better math teachers out there, but if you are at all talented in math his class isn't even close to the horror story these people are making it out to be. Don't shy away from him, he's hilarious, nice, and thorough.

Nov 2004

Wow, how this class sucks! I love math. Absolutely love it, but this class is terrible. The lectures teach you nothing at all. I just don't go anymore. It's very sad really. It's such a waste. So sad. : (

Nov 2004

In all fairness, Professor Bank is very nice, dedicated and approachable. If you have any questions he will patiently go over them with you until you understand the concepts. Along with his accent and lecture style, he's funny in a quirky albeit apoplectic way. Most of the times it feels like he's just muttering to himself and enjoying his own lecture instead of actually teaching. I strongly recommend that you read the book before going to the lectures, because it's impossible to understand the material from just listening to him.

Nov 2004

After the first day of Calc 2, the amount of people in the class dropped by more than a half. You learn a lot in this class, however, it makes your life a living hell! dont take it unless you have to. Do all the webwork and homework becuase it might be the only way you will pass the course.

Oct 2004

Peter Bank should NOT be teaching mathematics. I'm sure he's an excellent mathematician, but teaching does not seem to be one of his stronger skills. I like math...or at least I used to. However, after about eight weeks of calc III with this professor, I've learned to loath it. Going to this man's class is the equivalent of hearing a more complicated version of the text book recited in a thick German accent. Dry, boring, uninteresting, and unimaginative teaching. I've actually given up on attending the lectures because I always end up leaving far more confused than I would be had a I just slept through it and read the material from the book. Don't get me wrong-- it's not an unpassable course. It's just that if you do want to pass, you can't go to class. If you like math, don't take this class. You'll just learn to hate it. One plus side is that the workload isn't too bad. It's usually one assignment collected per week, which takes maybe an hour or two, three at the most. Add on a few hours to teach yourself the material that the professor failed to, and you're looking at maybe five or six hours per week. Maybe more. In summary, DON'T TAKE THIS CLASS.