Nelly Rosario

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2007

I suppose it's pointless to review the course since the department is changing so much into a major and all, but in the event that Prof. Rosario continues after the transfer, I'll continue. She was a really great professor with good insights into our pieces. She had gave detailed comments on everything from our short stories to the smallest assignments and activities. She had interesting writing tips and character suggestions, and the assignments were really helpful--I ended up using two as jumping-off points for two stories. I enjoyed the class, and I'm pleased with the works I've written for it.

May 2005

Professor Rosario's insight really helped me improve my writing - the improvements were seen in this class but also in my work in other courses. She allows everyone to contribute to class discussion and provides assistance to the writer. She makes many "mark-ups" on returned assignments, a testament to her attention to detail. After taking this class, my writing became much more fluid and concise. The seven short assignments are based on specific assignments, while the three long works are on the topic of choice.

Jan 2005

Professor Rosario is an outstanding teacher. Sharp, witty, and creative, she can really inspire you to produce some exceptional work. Her class and assignments are a lot of fun, and she is a VERY fair grader. I certainly recommend her.

Oct 2004

I'm surprised nobody has put up a review of Nelly Rosario yet. She's my favourite professor so far in the writing department I'll definately take any other class she teaches if I get the chance. She's young, easy-going, a great teacher, and very accessible if you want to talk to her about your writing. She also has a sense of humor and doesn't get too pretentious concerning writing which is kind of rare among writing department faculty. Her own writing is fiction but she was great in giving fiction, script writing, and poetry equal attention in class. She's gives good critique, she's not overly harsh but will let you know if she thinks you can do better, and is not scared of letting you know (in a gentle way) if your writing is bad or if its just not working. I felt that I became way more conscious of my strenghts and weaknesses as a writer in her class, and that my writing improved vastly from it. As for her own writing she's written a novel, and was listed among the most promising young writers in the Village Voice a couple of years ago (look her up on the Village Voice website).