Joshua Walden

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Aug 2006

If you see that Josh Walden is teaching a Music Hum class then take it. He is a great, knowledgable guy who has a great ability to connect with his students, possibly because he is only, like, 3 years older than they are. His Music Hum class is more like hanging out with a friend who happens to be a big music nerd then going to a class with some august, serious professor.

May 2006

Prof. Walden was great, I really enjoyed taking this class with him. He was easygoing and made the entire class enjoyable (and I did learn quite a bit). Take this class with him if you can.

Jan 2005

Josh moved quickly through historically earlier material, leaving time at the end of the semester to cover some late-20th century composers, as well as the role music in film. This was sweet, as I hear that some classes spend forever on the baroque period. His perpetual discomfort with the temperature of the room (he likes to open and close windows many times per class) and sense of humor were endearing. He brought a lot of interesting theory into class, yet did so in a way which was accessible even if you hadn't read the original texts (and it seemed most people hadn't). The discussions these ideas generated were suprisingly lucid for a class of people forced to taked the course. I sort of expected to hate Music Hum, but ended up never wanting to skip class and I've even sought out some of the music we covered to listen to... Just For Fun! (no!!) Josh is super young and a little scattered, but an excellent teacher with an infectious enthusiasm for the material.

Jan 2005

Consider yourself EXTREMELY LUCKY to have Josh, a quality teacher, as your professor for music hum. He is one of the nicest and coolest teachers I have ever had!! He teaches the class in a laid back manner that is very condusive to fun and interesting discussions. Not only does Josh clearly know the material inside and out, but he also welcomed all kinds of viewpoints and ideas that differed from his own opinions to the discussions. Although I had no prior knowledge of music before this class, he was more than willing to work with me and answer any question that I had. I wholeheartedly recommend Josh!