Marissa L Ambio

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2007

Marissa is a great professor who is extremely dedicated to her teaching, students, and subject matter. This class is not that easy, however. There is an EXTREMELY demanding reading load for this class. Expect 250-500 pages of reading a week on a light reading week. However, if you are interested in learning about Latin American history, especially the eras of discovery, colonization and independence/ national identity formation, take this class. The professor is extremely kind, knowledgeable and will help you develop skills. However, you just might kill yourself with the reading. It is insane!

Mar 2007

Marissa is such a sweetheart. She is a wonderful teacher. She gives plenty of interactive exercises to make sure you understand all the concepts and will help you on a one-to-one basis if anything is unclear. I highly reccomend her.

Jan 2007

Marissa is kind, energetic and makes learning spanish enjoyable. i´ve never seen a professor work harder to keep classes varied and entertaining. almost weekly she involved the whole class in a game that focused either in current grammar or vocabulary. she´s strict about make up quizzes and tests, unless you have a valid excuse, in which case she´s very accomodating. take her, you will learn a lot and look forward to attending class.

Jan 2007

Profesora Garland is great!!!! Enough said!!!!!!!!! If you want to learn spanish with a fun,vibrant, and helpful teacher!!! Look no further........

Jan 2006

Marissa Garland is the absolute best! I learned more Spanish in one semester than I did in all four years in high school. We played games, held discussions, wrote skits, analyzed a play (Bodas de Sangre) and short story (El Hijo y La Madre) in essay form and class was always fun. She really cares about her students and the material she's teaching. I would suggest visting her during office hours if you don't understand a concept or you just want to reinforce a topic. Marissa makes a 9 AM class enjoyable and fun!

May 2005

i love marissa. she is a great teacher, kind, understanding and this semester she taught me a lot. ill admit she is harder than most others but she is truly a nice person and really wants to help you. i recommend this class and her as a teacher

Apr 2005

Take spanish with Marissa, she is awesome!! I am so glad that I started a new language with such an ethusiastic teacher. She cares a lot about her students and has their best interests at heart. She is very patient and is always willing to meet outside of class for extra help.

Jan 2005

Although it was a 9 AM class, I absolutely loved it. Marissa kept the class varied and interesting, and I learned a lot more than I would have expected from one semester. I hated missing class because it was so much fun, and woke me up for the rest of the day.